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San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum  

Since 1999 San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum has been “inspiring children to learn about our world through exploration, imagination, and experimentation.” Today we remain the only hands-on educational children’s museum in North San Diego County, serving children ages 0-10 with interactive exhibits and programs focused on science, world cultures, and art.   Interactive experiences are a crucial element of learning. Our Museum features four focused program areas: Experimentation (science, math, engineering), Exploration (world cultures, history), Imagination (theater arts, visual arts, music), and Discovery (outdoor space featuring gardens, environmental science, world cultures, arts). All exhibits and programs are designed with the help of museum experts, educators, and childhood development specialists, ensuring a wide range of skill development and concepts that align with California’s Common Core curriculum for science, math, English language arts, visual, and performing arts, and social science. Time spent at the Museum develops crucial life skills like curiosity, confidence, and creativity, which are all qualities that strengthen children’s potential to excel in school, careers, communities, and as parents. We challenge children’s imagination and curiosity through interactive exhibits and hands-on programming. Through play, children have the opportunity for creative problem solving, critical thinking, and hands-on exploration and experimentation in a safe environment where there are no right or wrong answers. EZ Escondido Junk Removal


This collection of rubber and wooden pieces can be combined in many different ways to create a track for a rolling object. Explore and discover how structure affects elevation, speed, distance, and motion while rolling a ball along your track.

Thank you to our Discover area supporters: Price Philanthropies Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Escondido Foundation, Escondido Rotary Foundation, The Heller Foundation of San Diego, The County of San Diego, Bonar Family Trust, Hunter Industries, Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply, Escondido Lumber, Omega Turf Artificial Grass, Fine Finish Factory, Inc., Anne Oshman (Mosaic Artist), Buena Vista Landscaping, Butterfly Farms, Tovar Landscaping, San Diego Hydroponics & Organics, Erick Altona, High Tech High San Marcos, Calvin Christian School, Kiwanis Club of Escondido Key Club, Escondido High School, Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club.


 The Puppet Theater is the ideal place for children to develop speaking and listening skills. Communicating with puppets gives children the confidence to express their ideas and feelings through the roles they take on. Parents let their kids take the lead and showcase their creations.  Thank you to Imagination area supporters: The Stanford Family, Price Philanthropies Foundation, The Linden Root Dickenson Foundation, KPBS, and the Jordan Ressler Charitable Fund.

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