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Kit Carson Park  

Kit Carson Park is a 285-acre (115 ha) municipal park in Escondido, California, United States. The park was named after Christopher (Kit) Carson, the famous scout who guided Captain John C. Frémont over the Sierra Nevada during a government exploration expedition. The park sits in a valley approximately 5 miles (8 km) west of where Kit Carson fought in the Battle of San Pasqual. A historical monument commemorating the battle is located on Mule Hill, one mile southeast of the park.

There are many different walking paths and trails in Kit Carson Park, but the way from the duck pond to the sculpture garden is the most fun for kids! A few important notes about Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden. It is only open a few hours per week. Check their website before you go to see what their current hours are. They will also close if it is raining or has rained recently. There will be a docent there to answer any questions if it is open. They don’t allow food to be eaten inside the garden, but there is a picnic table. EZ Escondido Junk Removal

The duck pond is right next to the amphitheater parking lot. Spend as much time as your little one wants at the duck pond, then when you are ready, take the path next to the pond away from the parking lot. You will pass a grass field on your right. The path will T, take the left path, then immediately the trail will fork, and the sculpture garden is off the right fork (see the purple arrow below on the picture).


The City of Escondido, California acquired the land for its largest regional park from the City of San Diego in 1967. One hundred acres (40 ha) of the park have been developed, and 185 acres (75 ha) have been preserved as natural habitat. The park has been described as the “city’s recreation hub” with a “giant recreation complex.”

A Sports Center opened in 1997, including a 20,000-square-foot (1,900 m2) skate park, a soccer arena, and an arena for inline hockey. Solar panels are being installed at the sports center and near the softball fields as part of a bigger project to generate energy at Escondido city facilities. Escondido Skate Park features wooden ramps rather than concrete, as found in typical skate parks. The wooden ramp makes the park more flexible when adding ramps and other features, making it prone to weather damage. The city of Escondido renovated the 22,000-square-foot park in 2009, removing rotted plywood, replacing hardware, and waterproofing the new wood. More than 10,000 in-line skaters, skateboarders, and BMX riders use the park from age 6 to adulthood. Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, the only American sculpture garden by the internationally acclaimed artist Niki de Saint Phalle, opened in 2003 at the park. The park has been used as a command post and staging area during a wildfire.

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